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Agassi Foundation For Education

In 1994, Andre Agassi founded the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education. The foundation’s primary focus is on the education of young people. Its signature project is the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy. The foundation is more than a school or a set of beliefs. It is a movement committed to transforming education so that all children have a shot at success. Andre sees education as the key to opportunity in life. But as U.S. students continue to fall behind other countries — and as Nevada’s students get some of the lowest levels of state financial support in the country — these opportunities diminish.

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Children For Tomorrow

Stefanie Graf founded Children for Tomorrow in 1998 to help mentally and emotionally traumatized children. Children for Tomorrow is a non-profit foundation with the goal of supporting and initiating projects that provide assistance to children and families who have become victims of war, persecution, and violence. The foundation was established after many years of contact between Stefanie Graf, medical doctors of the Outpatient Clinic for Refugee Children and their Families at the University Medical Centers of Hamburg-Eppendorf as well as meetings with representatives from the World Health Organization (WHO).

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We are only as successful as that child that has the least. We are only as healthy as the weakest among us, and we are only as educated as the one with the least chance to learn.


We all know how important it is to give children love and chances for a better future. Namely those children who are traumatized by bad experiences need our strongest support. Many of them grow up in everyday occurrences of war, violence, abuse, exile, or loss of the family.